Gardening is one big experiment. It is a process of life-long learning and relearning. Let’s learn together!

Why Gardening Is My Hobby
  • How Do You Feel When Veggies Go Bad?

    How Do You Feel When Veggies Go Bad?

    Composting Is An Investment! No one likes it when food goes bad in the fridge, especially gardeners that grow their own veggies! But, it isn’t worth beating yourself up over it….well that is if you compost. All of the nutrients that are stored in…

  • 3-Bin Composting System

    3-Bin Composting System

    How I Built My Bins I built my bins using mostly scrap wood from a new house next door. The builders were happy to let me have the wood, since they were just going to throw it away anyway. I did go dumpster diving…